Meng And Me is a comic strip about iconic Tongan professional wrestler Meng and his day to day life with wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff that more often that not leaves Eric in a state of anger, surprise, or some other combination of emotions.


Meng is the most feared and respected wrestler in the history of the sport. He happens to also be one of the nicest. Because of these two characteristics Meng can do just about anything that he wants at any time. His best friend in the world is also his boss, Eric, who has to deal with Meng's antics because, well, there's really nothing he can do about it.


Eric is a highly respected business man who has worked his way up the wrestling business from a back stage interviewer to being in charge of a multimillion dollar global company funded by the bottomless pockets of Ted Turner. As if that wasn't a hard enough task to manage he has to try and keep the company going all while dealing with Meng and his wacky adventures.